Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas Countdown

Although we are just finishing up Thanksgiving I wanted to make an early Christmas post just in case you wanted to prepare this idea!!  Last Christmas I found a wonderful idea of how to countdown to Christmas that involves learning.  I was so inspired by the idea that I literally have worked on it all year!  As you see from the picture above there are 25 wrapped items, what are they??? I'm sure you are wondering. know I'm a teacher and you know I love teaching my precious daughter so it has to be teaching related...have you guessed yet??  BOOKS!!!!!

Yes, 25 wrapped books.  Each book is a Christmas themed book.  Some include traditional stories like The Nutcracker, The Night Before Christmas, Frosty the Snowman, and A Christmas Carol.  Some are activity books, music books containing Christmas carols, and most are of the true meaning of Christmas JESUS!

Collecting 25 Christmas books could be expensive so I shopped at used book sales, garage sales, Resale Shops (Salvation Army), and Mom2Mom sales.  Anytime I found a Christmas related book I purchased it!  Books cost me between ten cents to one dollar.  When it came time to wrap I had collected over 25 books and I was able to choose the best ones.

How To Make Your Own Count Down to Christmas...
  1. Collect 25 Christmas themed books
  2. Choose a wrapping paper to match your Christmas home decor (I found my wrapping paper at my local dollar store.  I choose 2 different paper prints and alternated them)
  3. Wrap each individual book (if you want your books in a particular order you may want to number the backs or stack them in the order you want them to be opened.  For example "The Twelve Days of Christmas" I wanted to be opened on day twelve)
  4. Die-Cut a Christmas shape (I choose a white Christmas tree to match my wrapping paper)
  5. Number your Die-Cut shapes 1-25
  6. Tape your Die-Cut shape to each wrapped book
  7. Pick out a place to display your Countdown (I chose our buffet in our kitchen but you may place them on your fireplace mantel or even in a book basket if space is limited)
  8. On December 1st allow your child to unwrap the first book (book #25) and read together as a family (this might be your bedtime story or a read-aloud story to start off your day!)
  9. Continue your opening & reading, counting down all the way to Christmas!!  Happy Reading!
Alternate Ideas...

"I don't have 25 Christmas books this year" -- It doesn't have to be Christmas themed books, wrap up any books in your home for fun!

"I don't have time or patience to wrap 25 books" -- Use a gift bag instead!  You may use multiple gift bags and have a treasure hunt in your home for them or simply re-use one gift bag and change the book each day!

What a great way to celebrate Christmas and the joy of reading in your home! I'd love to hear if you will be doing the Christmas reading countdown with me!  

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  1. This looks so pretty! I love how you found them throughout the year so it didn't cost so much and it was spread out. Thanks for sharing this idea with us at Trivium Tuesdays!


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