Tuesday, January 22, 2013

SNOW Much Fun! Part 4: Felt Board

Are felt boards a thing of the past?  Well not in my home!  I had an old felt board, some seasonal felt pieces, and numbers.  How much fun is this for a toddler!

Occasionally we take out the felt board and play.  There are many activities you can do using felt and it is toddler proof!  My daughter loves to see the cause and effect of placing the felt on and off the board.  She will also stack the pieces on top of one another until they become too heavy and fall.

I allow her to do this activity independently and sometimes I join in to engage her thoughts and words. For example when I play I might place the correct amount of snowmen next to the number and demonstrate one-to-one correspondence as I count.  I may also verbally label and point to the snowman, his nose, eyes, and buttons.  I might also try saying, "point to the _______" and choose various items for her to find.

Creating your own felt pieces is as easy as a visit to the craft store and some scissors.  One SNOW much fun idea would be cutting out a "create your own" snowman.  For this activity you would need white, black, orange, and one other color of felt.  Trace and cut three white circles (separately so they can be pieced together). Trace and cut small black circles for eyes and buttons.  Trace and cut an orange triangle nose and scarf!  TA-DA!!  You have an instant make your own felt snowman!  This is SNOW much fun!

Looking to create a felt board in your home.  Check out this wonderful blog post from "The Busy Budgeting Mama" for some inspiration.


  1. I love felt boards! Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library.

    1. Thank you for hosting I have found some great ideas on your link-ups!

  2. My mom and I made the easiest, sturdiest felt board for church, when my big kids were smaller. We just got boards cut at the hardware store (about a 8x8, I believe, in a square I remember), and got some blue felt. We stretched the felt over the top, and around the back, and then hot glued it down. When the glue was dry, we stapled it for good measure. Worked wonders, and I recently found one in a box, still in great condition! (The kids they were made for are 11 and 10 now.) Felts are SO much fun for kids!

  3. We don't have a felt board, but I'm sure it would be a hit!


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