Sunday, December 11, 2011

Brother-in-Law Tells All!

Last week my husband's brother stopped by our home to visit! He noticed our popcorn garland! He shared with me that when he was little they (my husband and him with their mama) tried to make popcorn garland for Christmas. I thought that was interesting because my husband never told me about it. My brother-in-law shared that their mom made all the popcorn and set up the needle and string. They started making the garland but they were eating the popcorn at a faster rate! Needless to say their mom got so frustrated that the boys were eating all the popcorn that she threw in the towel and joined them too! They never made popcorn garland again! I asked my husband about it and he said he can just faintly remember. Thought it was a cute story! So if your garland doesn't work out, throw in a Christmas movie and have a popcorn party!

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