Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thankful Tree 2012

Thanks to a great post from "Living and Learning at Home" I was inspired to put together a last minute thankful tree!  We set up our tree the week of Thanksgiving and each day my husband and I have been adding "leaves of thanks" to our tree!  My 18 month old daughter is also participating by drawing on a leaf.  While she is drawing I generate words of things she might be thankful for.  Although she can't express her thanks in language yet it is still great for her oral language to hear the word thankful!! After she is done drawing I write for her something she may be thankful for.  Watching her mama write begins to develop the connection between spoken and written words.  It is an excellent idea for your child to see you write regularly. See her leaf below...
How I Made our Thankful Tree...
1. Collected sticks and twigs with my daughter at her grandma and papa's house (great outdoor experience for her)
2. Trimmed sticks to be arranged in a vase
3. Die-Cut fall leaves in three colors (red, yellow, and orange)
4. Set up a bowl with blank leaves, tape, and marker
5. Once a leaf is finished I tape the paper stem to a branch
6. Any Thanksgiving cards our family received we placed at the base of the tree

Next year I plan to have our thankful tree set up much earlier!  I also would like to write Thanksgiving Bible verses on the leaves and/or verses that describe our spiritual blessings.  Happy Thanksgiving!  May you delight and be thankful for all your blessings!


  1. Your tree looks great! I just saw another lady's post about having Bible verses that show thanksgiving on her tree, then she had her daughter write something she was thankful for on the back. I'm definitely going to incorporate that next year too!

  2. Thanks!! I'm glad I was able to make one! Happy Thanksgiving!


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