Sunday, December 2, 2012

December Toddler Home School

In my post "Setting Up School" I shared with you that I was so excited to have an area in our home that I refer to my toddler (18 months) as "school!"  Each month I would like to share with you the changes I make and any additional items added.  This month our focus is on Christmas and the birth of baby Jesus.  My main focus is giving my daughter many experiences, pictures, books, and play items/opportunities that will help develop her oral language and overall learning.  Some of the words we have worked on thus far for December is baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, various names of the animals in the stable where Jesus was born, Christmas, Christmas tree, and Christmas lights.  I also often add in letters like, "J is for /j/ Jesus."  The teacher in me just can't help but squeeze in some letters!  Please see the pictures/captions below for our December home school.

Nativity Play Toys and Lift the Flap "Come and See Baby Jesus" Book

A small snowflake rug for my toddler to sit on while reading or playing.  In Target's dollar section (usually found at the front of the store) each season they offer rugs for $2.50.  

Although this doesn't have to do with December we found a comfortable animal chair at Costco for $16.  We are using this for a special reading corner/spot.  I also keep a favorite book on the dog to invite her to read!

Last we added her play piano to her school area.  We have added musical play toys on her Christmas list to provide a weekly music time for her.
 Happy Homeschooling!!


  1. We've got that nativity! (Does everyone??? lol) I've got a 'used' present I'm going to bring you that I think you'll like to add to your corner. After you see it if you don't want it, just tell me and I'll bring it back home and stick it in the basement =)

  2. Ok great! I love a surprise! Thanks for thinking of us!!

  3. This is a really beautiful spot! I love the dog chair from Costco, that was a good buy. Thanks for sharing! Hope to see you at True Aim.


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