Friday, July 24, 2015

Everything Butterfly: Butterfly Bubbles

Welcome back to "Everything Butterfly" if you missed the introduction post click HERE!  

We absolutely LOVE bubble wands!!!  I think they make the BEST bubbles.  Kids love bubbles AND they are a great learning tool for the young child!  We decided to get creative and turn our bubble wand into a butterfly!

These are the following items you will need...
  1. Bubble Wand
  2. Large Foam Butterfly Cut-Out
  3. Pipe Cleaner for the Antenna
  4. Googly Eyes 
  5. Stickers (or other fun objects to decorate with)
  6. Hot Glue to Attach Foam to Bubbles (for ADULTS only)

 Tips & Ideas for Your Butterfly Bubbles
  • To use the foam butterfly for just the wings simply trim off the foam antennas (you will be using pipe cleaners for the antenna).
  • Kids may want to decorate with markers BUT markers will bleed when bubbles are blown.
  • The butterfly bubbles are REUSABLE!!!  Simply REFILL when the bubbles run out. 
  • GREAT craft idea for playdates.
  • Use as a party favor for a birthday or special get together.
  • Give as a gift to someone special!
  • I called these bubbles "butterfly kisses" when we blew them!  The children thought this was fun and silly!
  • See the supplies below from my amazon affiliate link!
Happy Creating Butterfly Bubbles!!

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