Thursday, July 16, 2015

Everything Butterfly: Hands on Life-Cycle

Welcome to "Everything Butterfly!"  If you missed the introduction click HERE! Today's "Everything Butterfly" post shares two simple hands-on activities that teach the butterfly life-cycle.  The first activity uses play dough!
Print off a simple life cycle worksheet and place it inside a plastic page protector.  The plastic page protector will act as a play dough mat which will prevent the play dough from sticking to it!  Using play dough have your child form each stage, discuss the stage as they create it.  I also supplied a butterfly cookie cutter for additional play and fun!

The next activity uses a popcorn seed and uncooked noodles to form the life-cycle on a stick!
  • The Popcorn Seed = Egg
  • The Rotini Noodle = Caterpillar
  • The Shell Noodle = Chrysalis
  • The Farfalle Noodle = Butterfly
I attached each piece with a hot glue for extra security!

I love teaching through great books!  Check out these titles below through my affiliate links!  Happy butterfly learning!

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