Thursday, November 21, 2013

2 Year Old Nature Journal: Getting Started!

In September we started our first natural journal!  The goal of our nature journal is to capture our nature experiences we have outdoors (or observing the outdoors) then record them as an extension of our learning.  Here are some ways our nature journal has provided opportunities for extended learning... aids in reflecting on the nature experiences we have had, encourages oral language development as we discuss each page, develops beginning reading skills and print awareness by reading the simple sentences corresponding with each page, gives an opportunity to do personal best work, and provides an opportunity to enjoy God's creation!

We use these three things to make our nature journal; three-ring binder, three-hole punch, and white card-stock paper.  As we observe nature we often find something of interest.  Later I generate a page of our experience with a simple sentence and correlating clip art that we can color, paint, or create.  I have found that using white card-stock paper seems to be best for durability.  After the page is complete I display it on our table top easel then later we add it to our nature journal binder.

The binder is a wonderful way to keep track of our work and a way to go back and look through what we have accomplished.  We currently are completing one nature journal page per week!  My plan is each year begin a new nature journal and permanently bind the previous one.  Therefore my children will have a two year old journal, three year old journal, etc.

Please check back soon for free nature journal pages to download, print, and use with your family!

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