Saturday, November 16, 2013

Operation Christmas Child

This is our third year filling a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child.  This wonderful ministry is coordinated by Samaritan's Purse.  You can take part in this ministry by filling a shoebox with a Christmas gift(s) for a child in need, plus a $7 donation to cover shipping!  After your box is complete drop it off at your local drop off location!!  Here is a link for step by step directions and more specific details of "How to Pack a Shoebox."

A really neat feature that Samaritan's Purse offers is giving your $7 shipping coverage online.  This enables your shoebox to be tracked!  Once your shoebox arrives you will find out the destination of your box through email!!  This feature enables you to extend this giving opportunity with learning.  This would be a great chance to learn facts about the country/area your box was shipped to or simply locate the destination on a map! 

Most importantly these gifts provide an opportunity for us to share Christ's love with a precious child in need.  Samaritan's purse also follows up with a gospel presentation and bible classes for children who receive boxes.  Please consider being a part of this gospel driven ministry this year!

How I taught my 2 year old about Operation Christmas Child:

1. At my local $1 store my daughter picked out a baby doll she liked, I purchased one for her and told her that we were going to buy another one for another little girl.  As she enjoined her doll she also knew that there was another one for someone else.

2. Next we watched a video of Operation Christmas Child together.  I pointed out the shoe boxes are gifts for children who are poor.  Poor means that these children don't have many toys like we do.

3. Next we looked at our shoe box together.  This was the most difficult part because there were many items and treats that she would like to eat or play with.  She took everything out then I told her we are going to put them back inside for another little girl to have.  I was happy to see her put the items back in the box cheerfully!!

4.  We prayed together over the box for the little girl who would receive it!

5. Next week we will drop off our box together at our local drop off site!


  1. I like your box and the way you taught your daughter about this giving.

    1. Thanks Beth! I was so excited to involve her this year with this activity! God Bless!

  2. I really need to do this next year with the kids! I remember doing it when I was younger, but just haven't recently. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Those wanting to send a little love and joy to children in need around the world in a unique way still have time.
    Operation Christmas Child’s National Shoebox Collection week begins Monday to Dec. 13 to get a box processed and sent to a child this year. Greetings Beloved once in Jesus! We are here to ask you a favor for the children not in form of money but in form of help; can you please for the sake of children's smile? Please feel free to advice, support & help us: We together will see the 2014 smiles of the children by starting of New Year. Welcome to see the India which needs God’s Grace.
    Here we are inviting you with thanks and gratefulness


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