Saturday, February 9, 2013

February Toddler Home School

We have added some new activities to our toddler home school for the month of February!   I started with a Valentine's Day display with Valentine themed books for my toddler to explore along with a Valentine teddy bear.  I placed a picture of my little girl with daddy in a heart shaped frame.  Then, I changed our calender to February and added any special dates.  Last, I tied it all together with a heart shaped rug found at Target's dollar section (located at the store's entrance).

Because my toddler is still very young (21 months) our toddler home school is more of an area where we can sit and explore.  We read books, look at the calender display, and play with the many different things I have available for her.  My goal for our toddler home school is to make it an enjoyable experience full of reading and language.  I do not have a specific schedule or routine set in place yet, but that will develop over time as she becomes older.
To extend our Valentine's Day theme I wanted to focus on LOVE!  Specifically the LOVE of Christ for us.  I have been saving her mailbox for the month of February to send her a special Valentine each day.  I found the above Fisher Price mailbox at my local resale shop for $3!  If you don't have a "toy" mailbox you might like to make one out of a shoe box!  Next, I printed off three pages of blank hearts and wrote a LOVE bible verse on each one.  I shortened the verse to just a few words (example: "Your steadfast love is better then life.").  You can find some LOVE bible verses here.  Each day, for the month of February, I plan to place a heart in her mailbox and read the verse together!

A few things we have done to help our toddler learn about mail or mailbox is by walking with her outside each day to get the mail together.  We also watch the "Baby Einstein, Favorite Places" video where they introduce a mailbox (see video below).  It also helps that we have a wonderful postal lady who delivers our mail each day.  We often look for her to come and wave hello!

Thanks to grandma for purchasing the next window cling for my toddler to interact with (see below).  If you have not had the chance to read how you can use window clings with your little ones for learning please click here.  This one has cute animals with hearts and butterflies to correlate with the Valentine Day theme.  My toddler loves animals so this was a great find!  Thanks grandma!

And last but not of my goals for our home school area was to gather counting/numbers activities and books.  I've gathered board books, regular books, a puzzle, and a cute counting cookies play activity (thanks to grandma!) for the home school area to have at my toddlers fingertips!  I will be continuing to develop the math area for her!

These are just some of the activities we will be focusing on this month!  Please check back each month as I feature new items added to our toddler home school!  I count it a privilege to be my daughter's teacher!  What a joy it is to see her learn and grow!

Happy Homeschooling!


  1. Another great area! I like your early math items =)

  2. Fun stuff! thanks for sharing at mom's library!


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