Friday, February 22, 2013

Classical Homeschooling Interview

 My wonderful friend at "Living and Learning at Home" has adopted the classical homeschooling method for homeschooling her children.  She has dedicated her blog to this topic and shares many wonderful ideas of how to implement this method in your own home.  Each Tuesday she hosts a link up entitled, "Trivium Tuesdays." Here you can find other ideas related to classical homeschooling.

I have explored many different types of philosophies for homeschooling an attempt to shape my own.  I desired to learn more about the classical homeschooling so I generated interview questions about this method and asked them to my friend from "Living and Learning at Home" .  Below you will find the questions and answers!  Enjoy learning with me!

In your own words what is classical homeschooling?

Classical homeschooling is a journey of teaching your children how to learn for themselves.  It is using living books to understand history, from beginning to end and connecting as many points of learning together as possible (studying literature, art, science, etc. from the time period of history you are learning about instead of as segmented subjects.)  It is teaching your children in the appropriate way for their age level (Grammar, Dialectic, and Rhetoric stages). 

How are you currently using the classical homeschooling style/method?

This year we are starting our journey, learning about the creation of the world and ancient history.  Right now we are exploring ancient Egypt.  We are reading through many great books, engaging in hands-on projects to help us understand what we have read, memorizing passages about what we are learning, and beginning to master the building blocks of subjects like phonics, writing, and math.

Where do you find the best resources for classical homeschooling?

My first and favorite site about classical homeschooling  is  I also love all the insight that other bloggers share at my weekly link-up, Trivium Tuesdays

Why have you chosen this style for your home school?
I love that the classical method requires a student to really understand the material they are studying.  We teach our children to really listen and comprehend information.  I love that the subject matter is cycled through a few times in the course of a child's education, first learning just the facts about the material and then each subsequent time building greater understanding and critical thinking upon those facts. I love that the whole family can be learning the same thing at the same time (just as their appropriate levels).

What are the benefits you have seen so far with this style/method?

We are just beginning this home school journey, but I love that my four year old son can read quite well already!  I just taught him step by step, sound by sound, rule by rule, and he was able to gradually figure words out and now he can read books on his own.  Since we tie everything in to each other, I love to see him begin to recognize when he sees things that are contrary to what we have learned is true (for example, what the Egyptians believed vs what the Bible tells us is true).  I also can see that he is gaining in his ability to clearly address other people and speak to them well (from our practice of narration and memorization).

What is your favorite ice cream? (something fun!)
Well, it's gotta be chocolate...chocolate with some kind of nut in it! Yum!

Thank you Amy for taking the time to help me learn more!  This was very helpful!


  1. What a cute blog you have! We have 3 girls who have always been homeschooled. In 3rd grade I started a classical program with my oldest-she's now 16 and we still use that approach with all the girls. I love it!


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