Saturday, February 2, 2013

SNOW Much Fun: Conclusion

Thank you to my good friend Amy at "Living and Learning at Home" who created the above design for me!

We had SNOW much fun with our winter snow series and now I want to finish it up with a few last ideas!  Please make sure you visit all four posts for fun winter/snow themed activities!

The above picture is my toddler (20 months) playing with snowmen and snowflake window clings!  I shared with you in the "Christmas Window Cling" post that this activity can be great for play and oral language development.  Please check out that post for some ideas of how to interact with your toddler to make this a fun learning activity!  (Notice the REAL snow outside too!)

I love to let my toddler touch EVERYTHING!  I even let her touch things like a snow globe (with supervision)!!  How fun for her to shake it and see the snow fall (cause and effect).  I love watching her discover things for the first time. I desire to give my toddler experiences with as many things as possible.  This will add to her prior knowledge and facilitate her learning as she grows.
And I saved the best for last, DESSERT!  I found these cute snowmen searching online.  They are made out of white powdered donuts!  I used a cookie decorating kit for the eyes, nose, and mouth supplies (see below).

Although, I am sure you can find any type of black and orange edible candy to create these non-melting snowmen!
I hope this series was as much fun for you as me!  January has come to an end and hopefully spring will soon be on the way so on that note I conclude, SNOW Much Fun!!!  Thanks for reading!

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