Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Window Cling Play & Oral Language

I am always looking for ways to involve my daughter (18 months) in everything we are doing.  We started our Christmas decorating and it was my desire for her to join the fun!  I purchased some Christmas/Nativity window clings ($1), pulled up a small ottoman by the window so she could kneel on it to reach, and I let her place them anywhere she wanted, pull them off and do it again and again!  We also have a door wall in our home that would allow her to play without the assistance of a stool or ottoman.  Either area is a great spot for this activity!

I would suggest that this be done with supervision if you are using it with little ones that might want to taste the pretty plastic pictures.  If this is the case simply allow your child to play, with you watching, until interest is lost then collect all the pieces into a bag for future play. 

Oral Language:
While she is playing we talk about the pictures.  I might say, "There is baby Jesus, can you say baby?" I may also create conversation about what she is doing such as, "I see you putting the sheep on the window.  Good job baby, that looks nice."  I also comment about what she is playing with such as, "I like the bright yellow star on top of the stable.  Point to the star."  As she responds either with words or pretend language I make sure I listen, wait until she is done then, add some more language to the conversation.  

It is fun to watch her go to the window and choose to play with this activity.  Sometimes I allow her to play without my interaction.  This gives her the opportunity to develop some independent play without mama's help.  When she does this by herself I often hear her say "oh-no" when the window cling won't stick and falls to the floor.  She usually picks the fallen piece up and tries again.  If I see signs of frustration I decide if this is something she can work through or I might suggest to her, "Do you need help?"  I use this phase a lot when I see any frustration that is leading up to a temper tantrum.  I would like to see her develop the skill of asking for help when a task is too difficult or frustrating for her.  If she begins to have a temper,shout, or throw pieces I might say, "baby...say, help mama."  Then I assist her to bring the frustration level down.  

I take such delight in having my daughter explore new things.  This is a great activity that can be changed each season.  As long as you don't mind finger prints and window clings that are not in the perfect place your toddler will have a great learning activity to engage in!  Have fun!!


  1. What a great idea! I love that they can be used without the fear of being broken =) Or, well, if they get broken it's not a big deal!

  2. Awww, this is so neat! Thank you so much for a great idea! Love it!


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