Sunday, November 18, 2012

Setting Up School

One of the most exciting things I have done this fall is begin to set up an area in my home for our "school!" This has always been one of my favorite things to do as a teacher, setting up my classroom.  I am now excited to have a classroom in my home.  My daughter is 18 months and needs a developmentally appropriate area to continue her learning in.  Prior to my home classroom our main learning area was upstairs with two large baskets of board books and her toy chest.  We still have that space for her but have added an additional and more formal learning area for her.

One thing I have taught my students at my local public school is that learning can take place anywhere!  I give them many learning experiences OUTSIDE the classroom on purpose so they understand that field trips, outdoors, gym, library, home, etc. are ALL great places to learn!  This can also be done in your home.  Although I have dedicated a special area in our home I call "school" it doesn't mean we won't have learning experiences in other places in our home or outside of our home!

I recognize from having a degree in early childhood education that PLAY is super important to learning.  I provide my toddler with many opportunities to play and pretend.  Although, I also believe that a young child can begin to learn basic skills with additional guided learning activities too.  For that reason I set up "school!"

*The components in our school currently include...
1. Bible books basket (all these books correlate with biblical learning)
2. Many different genre's of board books to look at, read aloud, touch, and interact with
3. Several alphabet books and interactive alphabet toys
4. Coloring tub filled with crayons, large white paper, & a coloring book
5. Learning colors board books
6. "Melissa and Doug" Puzzles
7. Seasonal books and decorations

This is just the start to our school.  More items will be added especially in the math content area (numbers & shapes).  *I plan to write about the specific components in our school and how we use them, stay tuned!

Happy Homeschooling!

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  1. I thought I commented on this Maybe I emailed you about it =) Anyways, I love how this looks! I'm obsessed with this kind of shelving, you can do so much with it! I can't wait to see your new area all set up in person! Thanks for linking up to Trivium Tuesdays last week! I hope you will link up again this week!


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