Monday, September 29, 2014

Where do you blog?

Although the focus of my blog is teaching children, from time to time I like to write about something fun and personal!!  Today I'd like to share with you where I blog at!  So here it is, from my desk to yours (unless your reading this on your iPhone)!!

Recently I decided to make my writing spot a bit more inviting and also move it to an area in our house that I would enjoy being!   So our computer took a move from the dark basement to the bright living room!  This was a serious move to consider!  The desk in the basement is a built in so I also needed to purchase a new desk!  Most computer desks are BIG/BULKY and I tend to enjoy furniture on the smaller size.  I had an idea for a new blogging spot but I didn't want to spend $200-$300 on a simple piece of furniture!  That's when I thought, used furniture + spray paint = inexpensive renovated blogging area!

A trip to my local resale shop unveiled this $20 used TV stand (pictured above)!!  A good disinfecting scrub cleaned up this tired TV stand and a can of white spray paint revitalized it to 2014!

I added knobs for the two pull out doors on either side.  Then purchased a storage ottoman that I use for both storage and a place to sit on while I write!  On the desk I picked some lavender from my yard and added it to a small vase!  Eventually I'd like to find a basket to place on the top shelf but I haven't found one yet. 

Having a clean new spot to write makes my blogging even more enjoyable!  Where do you blog at???  Join the fun and write a "Where do you blog?" post and come back to Link up below!!

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