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Homeschooling the Strong-Willed Child: Helping your Child Understand their Blessings
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I'm convinced that every family has one!  This is the child who is determined, strong-willed, confident, and independent!  We may look at these traits as negatives BUT steered in the right direction can become wonderful qualities.  Welcome back to my series, "Homeschooling the Strong-Willed Child."  In this series I will share with you tips that I have used both in my classroom and home. 

Today's tips focus on helping your child understand their blessings!

  1.  I've had the unique privilege of traveling with my husband to a third world country for mission trips!  Once you experience this you cannot help but have a major perspective change.  WE ARE BLESSED!  Helping a child understand this can be difficult especially in our self-centered culture and sinful "all about me" hearts.  It is my desire to take my family on a mission trip to a third world country and Lord willing more then just once.  Maybe your family is ready to tackle this adventure!  GO and be blessed!
  2. "Too blessed to be stressed!"  This is one of the popular sayings at the church we served on our mission trips!  I often (daily) tell my children when they are whining, crying, or complaining, "You have nothing to cry about YOU ARE SO BLESSED!"  I then explain what that means by saying, "You have a mama and daddy that love you, a roof over your head, a nice comfy cozy bed, warm clothes, food to enjoy, etc."
  3. Be thankful ALL year NOT just at thanksgiving.  I enjoy setting up our thankful tree in November to create a spirit of thankfulness in our home BUT how about a daily blessings or thankful family journal.  At the end of the day consider keeping a simple notebook of blessings of the day.  Create a heart of thankfulness each day and all year long!
  4. Education and learning is a blessing!  I often told my students, when I was a classroom teacher, it is a great privilege that they are able to attend school and learn FOR FREE (well, free to them).  Helping your child understand that learning is a blessing is important.  Some children do not have the money or freedom to receive an education.  I feel it is important that they know and understand this privilege whether a parent is home educating or a school system is.
  5. The blessing of a loving family should be discussed.  I teach my children that daddy works to provide play dough for them to play with.  It may sound a bit silly but play dough is HUGE in my home and having a simple understanding that daddy loves them to work and provide play dough for enjoyment is a simple yet powerful example for their young age.  I also share that mama decided to stay home to raise them.  We do these things first to honor God and then to show our love for our children.  My husband and I pour out our love for our children and tell them to be thankful that they have a loving home!
  6. "Your Grace is Enough!" God is good ALL the time because he has met our greatest need, SIN!  Because of Christ's sacrificial life, death, then resurrection we have a way to God by trusting in Jesus alone!  Even in our worst day God is good because of Christ.  This is the ultimate blessing.  Teaching this to your child is essential.  Sing about it, pray about it, read about it, write about it, learn about it, and embrace it! (Read more HERE)
May God bless you as you cultivate a heart of thankfulness in your strong-willed child!

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