Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Toddler Nature Journal: RED Apples

We have officially begun our first two year old nature journal!  It is my desire to complete one page per week.  This week we focused on RED apples.  I bought a large pack of white card stock paper for our nature journal pages and I will be using a three ring binder to keep it all together.  Thus far the thicker paper is working out great!  If you wanted even more durability try clear plastic page protectors!

Please enjoy a FREE copy of the "The red apple tree" nature journal page.  We used red finger paint to make apples on our tree.  You might also use a red crayon, pom poms, stamp pad, bingo dot, or a marker!  We let the paint dry then later added swirls for the leaves with a green crayon!!

Once the journal page was complete we 3-hole punched it then added it to our nature journal binder.  We also read the words together, "The red apple tree."  I pointed to each word as I read it and then she tried as well!  This is a great opportunity to practice concepts of print with her!!

This particular nature journal page correlates with our seasonal learning unit.  Therefore we have  been doing many other activities with apples.  Some of them include reading books, taking a trip to great grandpa's house to pick apples, and discovering apples through our five senses!
To extend our learning we also collected red items and placed them in a plastic shoe box container.  Using a red chip clip I attached the word "red" to the box!

Happy Homeschooling!

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  1. Great page! I'm sure you are having a blast doing all these 'fall' activities! We have a week off of school scheduled for the first week of October and are planning on doing lots of apple things that week!

  2. Adorable! I can't imagine my little 2 year old sitting still to do anything like that! I gave him a notebook when his sisters started school. He scribbled on two pages and then ran to play with trains! lol Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library; featuring you this week!

  3. I, like Ashley, wish my little man was into stuff like this! My daughter loved it at his age. Oh well! It is super cute and I will attempt it anyway :)


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