Monday, August 26, 2013

How To... OR Not Do... A Year Plan

Most of us like to plan!  So how do you plan a school year for a two year old that is constantly changing, growing, and developing??  YOU DON'T!  I would like to suggest you divide your school year up into smaller three month terms.  This may be helpful for any child.

It is critical that I look at my children and meet their needs where they are at.  Children are constantly changing and growing likewise I must be a flexible teacher and adapt to their learning needs.  At the same time it is critical that I also have a plan for the direction of our schooling.  I feel the planning schedule below provides the balance I need to be flexible, reflective, yet purposeful of my children's learning needs.

I have divided my year round schooling into four terms each consisting of three months...
Term 1: September, October, November
Term 2: December, January, February
Term 3: March, April, May
Term 4 June, July, August

Using this system allows me the joy of planning ahead for the upcoming term but also gives me flexibility to change my course, if needed, without disrupting the whole year!  At the end of each term I can reflect on the progress we have made, and make changes if needed.

If you are wondering about our two year old school please read my post "Where Do I Start... Choosing a Direction for Two Year Old School."  This post reflects my overall plan for two year old school.  I will be using the main ideas listed in this post to more specifically organize my lessons and goals for each term.

Happy Homeschooling!


  1. I think splitting up the year like that is a great idea! I've done that a bit...well, really just starting the plan at the beginning of the year to go until thanksgiving...but it's hard for me to get back to planning the next quarter after that =) It's just a matter of making the time to do it.

  2. I plan using terms as well. Even with my oldest who is 8, tweaking needs to be done and 12 weeks at a time allows for this. You are a smart mama.


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