Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March/April Toddler Homeschool

I've decided to combine my March and April toddler home school due to the soon arrival of our new student (I am eagerly expecting a baby boy at the end of March!).  My focus these next two months is a combination of "March is Reading Month" (Dr. Seuss), Easter, and Spring!
I am always looking for good board books to use with my toddler.  I usually find GREAT deals at local Mom2Mom Sales!!  I found the books above at a Mom2Mom sale for 25 cents each!!  The best part is they were in great condition.  After I wipe each page down with a disinfectant wipe they are ready to be used!  I was so glad to find Dr. Seuss books to celebrate Dr. Seuss birthday and "March is Reading Month."  If you are looking for more Dr. Seuss books and stuffed animals Kohl's Department Store is featuring their Dr. Seuss $5 book collection with coordinating stuffed animal for their "Kohl's Cares for Kids" program.
Next, will be focusing on the true meaning of Easter, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, through books and conversations of the cross.  For fun I have an Easter egg hunt on Easter morning.  Last year (10 months) we put cheerios in the Easter eggs this year (22 months) we are moving to M&Ms!  YUM!!
Last, I have displayed books about Robins for our spring theme!  We have tons of robins around our home as spring approaches so this will be a great correlation for her!  The book on display is titled, "Robins Songbirds of Spring" by Mia Posada.  I also have a cute stuffed robin that when you squeeze it makes the robin's bird sound (I found this at Bass Pro Shops).

As always my goal for our toddler home school is to make an area of learning for her (22 months) that is fun and engaging.  We have no set schedule yet just exploration and play.  We love to play music, read books, and have many conversations to increase her oral language that is developing so quickly! 

These are just some of the activities we will be focusing on this month!  Please check back each month as I feature new items added to our toddler home school!  I count it a privilege to be my daughter's teacher!  What a joy it is to see her learn and grow!

Happy Homeschooling!


  1. We are focusing on spring this week (since the first day of spring is Wednesday). We will be learning about seeds, baby animals, blossoming trees...all things that have to do with new life! We will culminate with our own little Spring Celebration on Saturday with a egg hunt and their baskets filled with goodies. I'm trying it this way this year instead of doing it all on Easter. Then we can focus on Jesus on Easter week/Sunday. We will see how it goes =)

  2. Reading with kids is so rewarding and it looks like you've picked some good ones! Thanks for sharing at mom's library and I hope all goes well with your new arrival!


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