Friday, January 11, 2013

SNOW Much Fun! Part 2: Snowman Lunch

Welcome back to the "SNOW Much Fun!" Series.  Please check out the previous post, "Measure the Snow Craft" for another snow themed idea!

"Have you ever eaten snow before?"  That is how I started out this fun lunch time meal while hosting our home school group in January.  This is an easy lunch time activity that can be enjoined at any age!  I prepared the bread cut outs and snowman edible items before hand and placed them in Ziploc bags for an easier start!

The above picture is a large snowman meal.  He takes four pieces of bread.  I used this snowman for the mommies in our group.

You will want to get out your cutting board, two different sized glasses to cut the circles, and four slices of bread.  Place your cups down like cookie cutters and press.  Use a knife to cut around the cup.  Set aside your "scrap" pieces of bread.
Next, gather edible items to decorate your snowman with.  I used chocolate chips for the eyes, mouth, and buttons (you may also use raisins).  I cut a small carrot nose.  Then, I sliced a fruit roll-up for the scarf (you may also use a strip of cheese).  Last, I purchased honey wheat pretzels for the arms (not pictured).
All the pieces were then placed in a Ziploc bag to be used the following day for lunch.  We made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches although you could make any sandwich you enjoy eating!
For the children in our home school group (4 and under) I used a snowman cookie cutter that only required two pieces of bread.  The edible items used for decorating are a bit more squished but the children still had fun!  Below is the small snowman meal. 

On the day of our home school group meeting I had all the supplies ready to go.  The mommies made their child's sandwich and the children decorated and ate!  I stood back and enjoined the fun!!
This is SNOW much fun!

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