Tuesday, January 8, 2013

SNOW Much Fun!! Part 1: Measure the Snow Craft

Welcome to my first post in the "SNOW Much Fun" series!  Please check back for more fun snow themed ideas for your family!

Let It SNOW!  This craft serves a dual purpose, fun and learning!  The fun is creating a snowman and the learning is focused on measuring in inches! 

Supplies Needed:
  1. Painting Wooden Stir Stick
  2. Ruler
  3. Pencil
  4. Black Permanent Marker
  5. Orange Marker
  6. Goggle Eyes
  7. Black Foam Paper
  8. Scissors
  9. Buttons or Craft Rhinestones
  10. Craft Glue
  11. Small Scarf Material (strip of fabric fleece, I used a "shag craft pipe cleaner")
Start by stopping at your local home improvement store to pick up a FREE painting wooden stir stick.  Sometimes they come in two sizes, you want the longer one!  See below...

Next, paint the entire stick(s) white.  I decided to paint both sides white, although you will only be decorating one side.  I cut apart a paper grocery bag as my backdrop so there would be no mess on the counter and an easy throw away clean up!  See below...
Allow the paint to dry.  Then with a pencil and ruler mark the inch lines and pencil on the numbers.
Trace a top hat onto a black foam paper and cut out.
If you have older children the above steps could be done by them independently.  I used this craft with ages four and under so the above steps I completed before hand.  Below are the following steps that the children completed with some assistance.

With a permanent marker, allow the child to trace the inch lines and numbers.  You will want to use a permanent marker because this is the part of the stick that will be stuck in the snow for measuring!!  With this step discuss what a ruler and inches are and show how the ruler matches the stick.

Now it is time to construct the snowman!  Glue the top hat at the very top, glue the goggle eyes below the hat, then draw a nose and mouth, tie the scarf, last add 3 buttons or craft rhinestones!

TA-DA!  I love when learning and fun collide!  Now all you need is some snow!  We kept our snowman in a large vase with some fake snow at the bottom.  He is in a handy spot for the next snowfall.  
This is SNOW much fun!


  1. this is such a wonderful project! i like that it can be used in dramatic sensory play or actually outside in the snow! thanks so much for stopping by my site. i've added yours to my bloglovin' reader! hope to talk more with you in the future :)

  2. Thank you for stopping by! I linked up this activity to you weekly kids co-op! Thanks!

  3. Our kids love this! This is a good reminder to go measure the snow before it all melts away today =)


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