Thursday, January 5, 2012

Baby's First Christmas

I know it's January BUT I wanted so badly to post this wonderful "Baby's First Christmas" craft!!  It's not too late to do this and put away in your Christmas tub to display next year and for years to come!!  Simply stamp baby's feet in non-toxic green paint and stamp on a piece of 5x7 pre-cut white card stock paper.  I then dipped my finger in yellow paint for a star and brown paint for a trunk.  Next, add your child's name, message, and year!  I made one for our home and gave one to both sides of grandparents with a message that said, "Merry Christmas 2011 Love, Baby."  Lastly, place 5x7 paper in a clear plastic frame (or any 5x7 frame of your choice) to display!

We had a WONDERFUL 1st Christmas with our special little girl!  I decided to list the traditions we did this year so I can continue them in years to come!  I wanted to blog about each one but December became so crazy that I didn't get to all of here is a quick look!

2011 Christmas Tradition Review:
  • Picked and Cut a REAL Christmas Tree
  • Made Popcorn Garland
  • Advent Wreath/Candle
  • Christmas Footprint Craft
  • Looked at Christmas Lights
  • Made Sugar Cookies
  • Took Sugar Cookies to our neighbor next door and our neighbor who is a widow
  • Countdown to Christmas (Nativity Set and Wall Hanger)
  • Christmas Picture Card (Put in 2011 Frame to display next year and years to come)

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  1. Hey! Can I ask how much your tree cost? I didn't even see your tree, I'm just wondering round-a-bout what a tree costs around $30 or $300? (I'm assuming somewhere in the middle.)


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