Friday, April 11, 2014

Hosanna! "Hooray Salvation is Here!!"

My toddler is quickly turning into a BIG girl!  It's so exciting to see her learning and growing.  Although I am sad that time passes so quickly it also brings joy at the next stage of her growth.  Most recently we have been going a bit deeper into our bible time and with Easter approaching I have planned some purposeful Christ-focused activities!  (If you are looking for a resource to better guide your family to celebrate Easter check out this post HERE!)

Forget the Easter bunny Jesus is far greater, better, and worth our complete focus and attention during this season (and always)!  Once Easter passes I will then focus on spring themed ideas such as bunnies, eggs, birds, and flowers!  I praise God that He has opened my eyes to the truth of Himself and His word.  For more information about what that means please see my page, "The Most Important ABC's." 

Palm Sunday:
To celebrate and have a better understanding of Palm Sunday we have used these informational resources from John Piper at  

Understanding what Hosanna Means

Sermon of Palm Sunday : An Event of Insight and Misunderstanding

Taking the time to study this event for myself prepares me to be a better teacher for my children as well as developing my own understanding!

Activity 1: (see picture above) Hang a Hosanna banner in our home, discuss what Hosanna means, and sing songs with the word Hosanna in it!  I simply made the Hosanna banner by writing the word Hosanna on paper dollies then, using clothes pins, clipped each letter onto a ribbon hanging from our fireplace.  I quickly painted the clothes pins white to dress it up a bit!  

Activity 2: (see picture above) Discuss how Jesus rode on a colt into Jerusalem.  Write a message on the colt such as...Hosanna! "I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out!" Luke 19:40  Donkey Printable

Activity 3: (see picture above)  Make a hand print palm branch to wave and sing Hosanna!  You might want to add bible verses or praises to God on each hand!

Lastly, below is another resource I came across from "life your way" that you may be interested in Easter Cards Printable.

Praying you enjoy Christ this upcoming Palm Sunday! God Bless YOU!

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  1. Those look like wonderful activities to go along with Palm Sunday. I love that donkey with the clothes pin legs =)


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