Friday, December 2, 2011

Popcorn Garland

As a young child I remember making popcorn garland with my family for our Christmas tree!  This Christmas I wanted to try it for our tree!  Of course baby couldn't help me yet (6 months) but she enjoyed  watching mama!  I had a great conversation with her about what I was doing (adding more vocabulary words to that fast developing brain of hers!!) Here is how we made our popcorn garland...

Gather popcorn seeds, popcorn maker, cranberries, needle, and thread.

Pop your popcorn, open your bag of cranberries, then thread your thread and needle (make any pattern of your choice)!

TIP: Tie one end of your string to something, we used our paper towel holder!!  The other end will have your needle so you can thread your popcorn and cranberries

TIP: Make garland in small amounts, lie flat, then tie together when you are ready to add to the tree!
Add finished garland to your tree.  All garland does not need to be added at once.  You can add more garland to the tree by tiring a new piece to one that is on the tree already!

TADA!  You have a beautiful homemade garland for your tree and a GREAT family tradition and memory for your children!
Some Close-Up Shots!!


  1. Love it Jessica! Blogging is fun =) Have you ever been to mine? I can't remember if you had heard of it since you're not on facebook anymore.

  2. Oh, it's


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